The world is characterized by diversity – the golden sands of the Sahara are as captivating as the Amazon’s emerald canopies and Antarctica’s pearly stillnesss. These diverging hues are what make the world tick, and we hope to embody this variegation at Techtatva’19 – Embracing Contraries.

Techtatva is a national level technical fest of Manipal Institute of Technology which aims at going beyond circulated PDFs and pictures of notebooks, instead bringing learning to one’s fingertips. We strive to bring out the best in coders, designers, innovators and automobile enthusiasts alike, across their diverse fields and talents. Humans have come so far because of their ability to hone each talent and direct it towards a united cause.

Each one of us is unique and in this edition of Techtatva, from the 9th to the 12th of October, we strive to embrace our peculiarities and stand as one, and we invite you to stand with us.

Team TechTatva'19


The Manipal Conclave 2019



Rashmi Samant

Technical Secretary
+91 9632734112

A festival is the celebration of legacy, community and People. TechTatva is a festival of budding engineers and breaking scientific barriers.

Prateek Kapoor

Technical Secretary

Fest is not just a work we do for the responsibility given to us, we do it because its an emotion we cherish to achieve

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